Sunday, July 15, 2012

Madrid, Day 2: What we ate

Lunch at the Prado

After a few hours at the Prado, we'd burned through all our reserves and were on the verge of starvation.  As we crawled piteously out of the El Greco gallery, wondering which of us would die first and be eaten by the other, we spied the museum cafe.  [Cue heavenly choirs]  The restaurant was chaotic, overpriced, and the "hot" entrees were not.  But it was food!  Without it we never would have made it to the Titians.

Snack at the Mercado San Miguel

Remember that mercado we found yesterday?  Well, we decided that we needed a snack as a reward for making it through the Thyssen museum (any excuse would have done).  I ordered a little tapa that purported to be German sausage, in honor of my dear Heidelberg Bakery back home.  Very tasty.

Dinner on the Plaza Mayor

One tapa does not a meal make, so as soon as we'd finished at the Mercado, we headed out in search of food.  We rambled through the neighborhoods south of the Plaza Mayor and found ourselves in the midst of the "it" spot for the twenty-something party crowd.  Lots of good looking young people with alcohol on their breath reveling in a modern-day version of the bacchanals we'd seen on the walls of the Prado.  Sensing that this wasn't quite our scene, we headed back to the Plaza Mayor and found a more sedate restaurant with seats on the square.  It wasn't delicious, but it was simple and convenient, and the people-watching was great.

(essentially, chickpea stew with sausage,
green beans, potatoes and pork)

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