Sunday, January 15, 2012

Las Vegas - The Strip

Paris has class but not much glitz.  Las Vegas has no class and lots of glitz.  It also has Paris.

See it there, in the distance?
Not being gamblers or strip-club enthusiasts, my family doesn't really do Las Vegas the same way most people do.  Through the swirling crowds of women in stilettos and men in aggressively un-tucked shirts, we wander in search of gardens...
Chinese New Year at the Bellagio conservatory.

and fine chocolates...

Dark chocolate filled with blueberry jelly,
mascarpone and white chocolate.

Dark chocolate with dark chocolate ganache.

and fountains.

Which, if you think about it (chocolates, gardens, fountains), is not that different from what I do in Paris...

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chitarita said...

But does it have a mousse bar?

(Also, you should go see Mac King!)