Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lady's Christmas Tree

This is the tree on which Lady honed her lighting technique:  two strings (200 lights) for every foot of tree; one light on the very top.

As for the ornaments, I miss all the family ornaments that we had accumulated over the years!  We had a tradition growing up that every year we'd get a new set of ornaments, one ornament for each of the kids.  The idea was that when we left home, we'd have a whole set of ornaments to start our own trees and to remind us of home.  The idea worked perfectly -- I love having my ornaments on my tree, and I love seeing my siblings' ornaments on their trees -- but I do miss seeing the whole collection on Lady's tree.  By the end it seemed as if there were as many ornaments as there were lights!

Lady has continued the tradition by sending me a new set of ornaments each year.  This year it was glittery snowflakes; last year it was these great mercury glass pendants that I hang on my garland.  I think it might be time for the kids to start a reverse tradition and repopulate the ancestral Christmas tree...

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Anonymous said...

And, not to forget the homemade star at the top of the tree. Each year one of the kids would make the star. It looked different every year. Lady