Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eight Strings

Proving, once again, that she is her mother's daughter, Ashley has 800 lights on her three-foot Christmas tree.  [clapping, wild clapping all round]

Over the years there apparently has been an inverse relationship between the size of the tree and the number of lights at the Stuart home:  Each year the tree gets smaller but the number of lights increases.  Because more lights is always the right answer when it comes to Christmas trees.

Observe, too, the single light at the very pinnacle of the tree.  That's another hallmark of the Lady school of Christmas-lighting:  There is ALWAYS one light bulb at the very top, regardless of whether you have a tree-topper (as Ashley does) or not (as on mine).

(And since we're looking, check out the cool stripes Ashley painted on her living room walls.)


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Warms a mother's heart... Beautiful! Lady

Ashley said...

:) I'm still laughing about the wild clapping all around!