Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rockin' -- I mean, Workin' New Year's Eve!

I'm in the middle of negotiations for two big deals that have a deadline of midnight tonight.  I'd like to say more about them, but they've been super contentious and highly publicized in the affected regions, so I need to be careful about client confidences.  Suffice to say that these negotiations have been knock-down, drag-out affairs -- complete with negotiators screaming incoherently on the phone -- and it has been a lot of fun to be in the middle of it all. 

The problem is that so far there's no sign that any agreement will be reached before midnight.  Which means that I get to ring in the New Year doing what I've done all year long:  Work.  I've been on my computer and telephone since 7:30am, and I just got a call from the partner I'm working for to confirm that I will be around "for the duration."  When I told her that I had plans to go to a dinner party and then to a couple of other parties with friends tonight, she said, "Well, next year you're going to just have to do what I do -- have the party at your house so that at least you can talk to people in between negotiation calls."  Riiiight.  Because the definition of an awesome New Year's party is one where your host is holed up in the bedroom negotiating contracts all night.


Anonymous said...

Lame!! Lame and thoughtless! Lady

Ashley said...

Repete after me: "it's all about winning!"