Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brahms with lamb and a lemon tart

'Tis the season for holiday parties and benefit concerts.  Last night I found myself with the following options:  (1) the firm's holiday party, (2) the ward Christmas party, and (3) a benefit concert of the NIH Philharmonia.  The concert by far seemed like the most fun, and it was the only one with a firm starting time, so I decided to go to the concert and swing by the other parties afterwards (which, let's face it, was just a passive aggressive way of ditching the parties). 

I'd heard about the concert from my friend Amy (who, in turn, had a friend in the violin section) who'd invited me to come along.  It's a community orchestra and I wasn't quite sure what to expect by way of quality -- but Amy assured me that it would be good, and the program was strong enough to tempt me:

Die Fledermaus Overture, Johann Strauss
Symphony no. 60, (Il distratto), Haydn
Symphony no. 3, Brahms
Turns out Amy was right.  The three pieces were all difficult and, with the exception of a few squirly horns who could never quite land their notes, the orchestra sounded great.  The Brahms, in particular, is very lovely.  Clara Schumann described the third movement as a "pearl dipped in tears."  It was a pleasure to hear it live. 

Of course, no evening out is complete without food.  The concert was out in Rockville, Maryland (a.k.a., halfway to Canada), so Amy and I took the opportunity to find a new restaurant.  We picked a Greek place called the Original Ambrosia.  I got a lamb stew with potatoes and... (drum roll) baclava!  The place was packed and the food delicious.

After the concert, Amy and I went to La Madeleine to chat with the violinist friend (8 months pregnant!) and her husband (proposed to her in Paris!) and father in law (owns a house in Provence!).  Since the Austin La Madeleine is the place where I ate the lemon tart and Perrier that started this whole thing, I thought it only appropriate to repeat the order:

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