Friday, December 16, 2011

O, the generosity of clients

[Friday, 5:45pm]

Client (email):  I have some questions about the contract that may require some changes -- how late are you going to be at the office?

Me (email): I have to leave the office at 6:30pm, but I'll probably be back online around 7:30pm or so. 

[Client calls at 6:00pm]

Client:  Please do NOT feel like you need to stay late tonight to work on this.  No reason to log in from home on a Friday night on my account!  It's totally okay if you get this back to me tomorrow morning.

[We discuss the contract. Client pointedly notes my "value adds" on a couple of issues (suggesting that I added no value on the other issues -- despite the fact that I restructured the whole document in a way that he didn't know was possible in order to achieve his desired result)]

Client:  Thanks again for your help with this -- have a GREAT weekend!  I'll watch for the revised draft to come sometime before midday tomorrow.

*  *  *
Because, really, who cares if you have to work on Saturday as long as you get Friday night off?  That's always been my definition of a "GREAT" weekend.

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