Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Las Vegas - Lotus of Siam

When my friend Tim heard that I was going to be in Las Vegas, he recommended a place called Lotus of Siam, claiming that it was supposed to be one of the best Thai restaurants in the US.  My parents and I tried it out tonight -- and I'm happy to report that it was fantastic.  It definitely ranks among the top Thai restaurants that I've eaten at. 
Like any Thai restaurant worth its salt, Lotus of Siam is in a totally non-descript strip mall
The plate that held our chicken dumplings -- which we devoured instantly
I ordered sauteed chicken with fresh ginger, mushrooms and peppers
Dad got sweet and sour chicken
(a fine dish, but to my taste the weakest of the night)
Lady had green curry with chicken
(a word to the wise: a spicy-ness level of 5 was solid for those of us who like spicy food,
but watch out for those jalapeno-like peppers!)
Mango with sticky rice and coconut milk
(the mango was superb)
Fried banana
(first time I've had it with coconut shavings -- really delicious)

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Anonymous said...

It was really good food! Lady