Saturday, November 26, 2011

Strasbourg - Promenade en ville

Strasbourg is a beautiful city.  As you can see from the architecture, it's much more Germanic in flavor.  After getting off the train, Amanda and I explored the city and soaked up the atmosphere.  It had been eleven years since the last time I was in Strasbourg, and it was wonderful to see it and recognize it again.

Place Kleber

Place Kleber, other side

Part-way through our wanderings, Amanda suddenly dived headlong into a yarn store.  It was a neat store; definitely very feminine (a pink cave basement? anyone?).  My favorite part was the amusing, tacit solidarity among the other men in the store, all of whom were clearly accompanying very enthusiastic women.

The building on the left was built in the 1570s

The plastic bubbles are an outside dining area of a restaurant...


Anonymous said...

Wow, does this bring back memories of southern Germany!

chitarita said...

I do not have any recollection whatsoever of there being other men in that store.

But look! Pretty felt!

JJD said...

There were three other guys in the store -- including one who had been hanging out outside until he got a friendly but firm "get-inside-this-store-right-now" gesture from the woman he'd come there with.

chitarita said...

Oh, I believe you. I was just too absorbed in the pretty green alpaca yarn to notice the men.