Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paris, Day 2 - Versailles (Grands appartements du roi)

La chapelle
Built toward the end of Louis XIV's reign, when he became somewhat of a religious fanatic (probably under the influence of his mistress... a less lovely accomplishment was his revocation of the Edict of Nantes, which had allowed for religious freedom in France since Henri IV).


Apotheosis of Hercules

King's Bedroom

Queen's Bedroom

Marie-Antoinette escaped with her children through this door
when the mob stormed the palace
Royal Dining Room

Other Rooms

Louis XIV at 28, by Bernini

Same friend, this time a tad older and heavier,
but still cutting a fine figure in those heels

Our friend Marie-Antoinette and her chidlers
Flocked wall paper
(the shade of green was outrageous)
Door panel
View over the gardens


Anonymous said...

Beautiful art! I can't imagine actually living in this. Lady

Ashley said...

Although I think I would have a seizure if I had to live in this every day, you can't deny how truly amazing it is!