Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Self Diagnosis

Remember how I tripped during my run the other day and landed on my face in the street?  At the time, my bloodied hands got all the attention and I laughed at the novelty of scraping up my chest.  Well, since then my hands have mostly healed, but my chest remains a problem. 

It hurts when I breathe deeply or cough (which I do because I'm still getting over a cold).  And it really hurts when I lie down or roll over or twist the wrong way.  At first I thought I was just stiff or maybe had a bruise, so I ignored it during the past week in Paris.  But then I went to the gym yesterday morning and did an upper-body workout and have pretty much been in pain and agony ever since. 

Now, after three Google searches and a quick perusal of WebMD, I think my rib might be broken.  I have all the symptoms, and when I press on my sternum (or cough or breathe or sneeze or pick up something heavy), I can point to a very specific point on the right side of my chest where the pain originates. 

How weird. 

I do think this increases my radness factor, though.  I mean, anyone can wear yellow pants in Paris.  But yellow pants AND a broken bone?  That's something Chuck Norris would do.


chitarita said...

You had a broken rib the entire time and didn't say anything?


Anonymous said...

Umm, I don't think Chuck Norris does yellow pants...nice try! Lady

Ashley said...

Guaranteed radness factor increase when you break your ribs being buff. However, I'd like to address the statement "How weird".

If you run a standard 8 minute mile you're traveling at about 7.5 miles an hour... So whatever your weight is, plus the effect that speed has on your weight, plus gravity, etc... all coming to a screeching halt in a less than graceful public display of radness - and the concept of breaking a rib is "weird"?! Honestly!

Now, had you been wearing your yellow pants at the time of your "I'll pretend I didn't see him biff it!" moment, we wouldn't be having this conversation