Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Planting

My summer pots were wonderful, but now that the subtropical heat and humidity of the DC summer had ceded to the chilly fall, they were looking a little tired.  So guess what?  Today was fall planting day!

I headed out early to the Merrifield Garden Center and, when I got there, discoverd I had the place to myself.  That's because it was freezing cold and pouring rain.  Delighted, I pulled up the hood on my raincoat, grabbed a cart, and went to work.  (The one outdoor employee in sight was huddled in a shed, wearing snowpants and a parka -- he clearly thought I was nuts.  I just waved.)

About an hour and a half later, I emerged from the nursery with numb fingers, pants soaked from the knee down, and enough plants to fill my pots with an interesting fall/winter/spring arrangement.

Decorative cabbage with
Delta Pure Rose pansies and Penny Red Blotch pansies

Rainbow's End dwarf Alberta spruce with
wintergreen, Delta Premium Pure White pansies
and Penny Red Blotch pansies

Clockwise from left:  Evergold striped weeping sedge,
Plum Pudding coral bells, decorative cabbage,
Delta Pure Rose pansies
(The pumpkin isn't really part of the floral arrangement -- it's just sitting there until I figure out how to eat it.  Probably in a soup.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I miss fall planting. By the time I get back the weekend before Thanksgiving, I'm not sure what will be left in the nursery. It's still really warm, so my planting beds still look great. Lady

Ashley said...

You never cease to amaze, my dear hermano.