Saturday, October 29, 2011


Since it's a competition, I just want to point out that Colorado wasn't the only place to have it's first big winter storm this week.  Today, right in the middle of my planting, we were clobbered with SNOWTOBER 2011!!!

See that?  Wintry mix all over my arm.  This is precisely the extreme weather that the weather people have been warning us about for the past three days.  Or maybe I should say END OF DAYS.  Because to read it on the Weather Channel, that's what you'd this was.

Fortunately, being the prepared Mormon and former Boy Scout that I am, my kitchen is already stocked with a generous emergency supply of Perrier and Lindt dark chocolate.  Bring it on, weatherman!


chitarita said...

Snow in October? Please. We did that ages ago.

Anonymous said...

LOL! What will they do when the real BIG ONE comes? This cracks me up! I do sleep better at night knowing you are prepared... Lady

Ashley said...

"wintery mix all over my arm..." you do know how to make me laugh... a lot!