Monday, October 31, 2011

Am I Crazy?

Here I am at the end of my second highest billable month ever, which itself comes at the end of a sustained period (since early August) of intense work.  Just a few days ago I wrote about how frazzled I felt and how much I needed a break. 

Well, I've had a break:  Since last Wednesday, I've only worked between 8-9 hours per day, and I had a wonderful, completely work-free weekend.  I slept in, cleaned, cooked, went shopping, saw a movie, read a book.  It's as if I were a normal person. 

But now I'm bored.  SO BORED!  And feeling like I'm wasting my life as a lazy bum.  Work either needs to pick up or I'm going to have to go sign up for something (which I will ultimately regret, since work will pick up sooner or later).  Where's a mountain when I need one?


chitarita said...

Resist! For the love of llamas, resist! Research Paris options, read the collected works of Dumas, watch "Veronica Mars," or repaint your bathroom, but do not pick up a long-term time-filler!


Ashley said...

How about learning Mongolian? You've got to challenge yourself, my dear boy!