Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Report: 17h00

We're in the middle of our hurricane weekend.  Irene has been working her way up the coast all morning.  The rain started here a little before noon; the wind didn't really start until the early afternoon.  When I went running at 1:30pm, it was through a medium downpour with gusting winds. 

Things have gradually gotten worse as the afternoon has gone on.  The rain is hard and driving, and the wind makes umbrella use a bad (and ineffectual) idea.  Fortunately, I've got a good raincoat -- which means that I could make my weatherman debut in full costume:

Of course, the worst is still to come (I can't wait!).  Apparently the main body of the storm is supposed to hit later tonight.  I've bundled my plants to keep them from getting too badly thrashed (I may move them inside later) and tied down my wreath more securely.  I'll probably take another weather break in a while -- meantime, back to work!  Need to get as much done as I can before the power goes out...

Did it just give up?
How am I supposed to tell how hard the wind is blowing?
For some official weather reports, here's the latest from the Capitol Weather Gang: 

And a few earlier reports:

3:55 p.m. update: There’s no mistaking that Irene is getting closer. Winds have increased to about 20-25+ mph sustained across the area with some gusts between 30 and 40 mph. At the same time, heavy rain bands continue to rotate across much of the area. Even more intense activity is located to the southeast (where significant tree damage and power outages are impacting places like Richmond). Things could start getting considerably uglier around here soon. Finalize any outdoor activities and prepare for a long evening. A detailed look at what to expect will follow in a new post shortly.

3:10 p.m. update: More than 260,000 homes and businesses are already without power across Maryland and Virginia, most in southeast Virginia and near Richmond. Wind gusts as high as 50-70 mph have been reported around Richmond and toward the shore. Some of that heavier wind maximum will head toward the area over the next several hours.

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Ashley said...

I absolutely love the fact that our family relishes the bad storms! It's exciting!