Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meetings in Berlin (Day 1)

I'm in Berlin for work this week.  It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!  I got in yesterday and discovered that my hotel (which was booked by my colleague) is located right in the heart of the old historical center.  That meant I could go on an evening walk after dinner and hit many of the key sights in this part of town. 

Strange to think that last time I was here, I was 23 and it was freezing cold in February.  So much has changed!  So much is still the same.

Brandenburg Gate
Soviet prestige tower
Tons of construction everywhere
There are brightly colored tubes everywhere.  The cabbie explained that they're meant to
pump water out of the construction sites for a new subway line.  They look like art.
This is what happens when I need a snack
but can't find a Belgian waffle shop.
Super ornate church
So the Kaiser had a palace in the olden days across the street from the crazy ornate church.
Then WWII and the Cold War, and the palace was replaced by a hideous glass
Soviet building that made everyone want to poke their eyeballs out (at least, that's how
I felt when I saw it in 2003).  Then 1989 and no more Wall, and now they've
 torn town the Soviet monstrosity and are replacing it with a new palace.

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Lady said...

I visited those places when I was there (not Dunkin Donuts!), but "the Wall was still there and there was NO construction going on.