Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gritti in SEA

It has been so much fun having Grit stay with me this week. During the days I've gone to work while she explored the city.  At night we'd meet up back at the house to make dinner and talk and talk and talk.  

As Friday approached, and with it the end of Grit's stay, I thought about how to make her last night in Seattle something special. Why not throw a little raclette dinner party? 

Thanks to Amazon's Prime shipping for the grill and a last minute discovery of a shop that sold raclette cheese, we had everything we needed for the dinner. I invited a fun group of friends who I thought were well traveled and interesting enough to make for fun conversation. Everyone brought their food assignments, we fired up the grill, and spent the rest of the night eating deliciousness veggies and meats and, best if all, bubbly melted cheese. Fun,fun! 

Next up? Road trip to Vancouver!

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