Thursday, April 17, 2014

Organizing all the things

So my last day at the firm wasn't actually my last day as an employee of the firm, just my last working day.  Between now and the 25th I'm taking my remaining vacation days from last year and the handful of days that I've already accrued this year.

I made a point, though, before leaving, to emphasize that this would be a real vacation, not a Covington vacation -- meaning that I wouldn't be checking my emails and voicemails, nor would I be available to do any work.  The cord would be cut.

Only it hasn't been all that vacationlike!  The movers are coming tomorrow morning and, although they're going to pack and load everything, I'm not about to let them just come and throw whatever's in grabbing distance into a box.  Instead, I've spent the past two days organizing everything so that it's ready to go -- I think I'm nearly there.  

Pulling pictures off the wall . . .
consolidating my brightly colored spoils from foreign travel
and stacking bedding neatly so that it's all in the same box for easy unloading.
And of course not everything makes the cut. 
The pile destined for Goodwill is growing, and the pace of growth
only increases as time gets tighter -- man I love getting rid of stuff! 
Flower pots cleaned and ready to go
Emptying the defunct fish pond was by far the worst part of the day.
I felt like the Sorcerer's Apprentice in reverse as I shuttled pails of water between
the balcony and the bathroom.  By the end I would have welcomed
a few psychotic broomsticks.


The Atomic Mom said...

Oh my gracious, we are so related. I move the same way. Everything in a pile, according to a classification I have given it. Bedding also in a box that moves with me, because the bed is the first thing that gets set up in the new house. We are so related!

Annie said...

Man, I'd love to go through your "Goodwill" pile!