Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Financial milestone

Guess what I just did!

That's right, folks -- I just paid off the last of my student loans that I intend to pay off early! 

It's kind of a big deal.  When I graduated from law school six years ago, I was in debt to the tune of more than $160,000; my net worth was so negative it was hard to imagine ever breaking even, law firm salary notwithstanding!  Now, after six years of hard work and financial discipline, my net worth is positive and my student debt load consists solely of the loans that have such low interest rates (1.5%!) that it would be financially crazy to pay them off sooner than required by their terms.

Great timing, too, what with the upcoming new job and cross-country.  It feels good to leave all that debt behind me.  Just in time to incur some more -- if all goes as planned, I'll have a mortgage before the end of the year . . . . 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on paying down your loan. I know what a big deal that is. It's impressive that you were able to do this so quickly.

Amanda's mom

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Congrats! Lady