Saturday, April 26, 2014

JJD goes west

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "to speak of other things . . . "

In roughly five minutes Comcast will terminate my Internet access and I will spend the rest of the day getting my haircut, packing the car and celebrating one last farewell with friends.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will start the drive to Seattle.  Holy cow.

Before I go, and lest the worriers among you fret, I thought I'd share my itinerary:

  • Sunday:  DC to Chicago
  • Monday:  Chicago to Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Tuesday:  Mount Rushmore!  Then on to Missoula, Montana
  • Wednesday-Thursday:  Kalispell / Glacier National Park / Grandkids!
  • Friday:  Kalispell to Seattle

It will be a long drive and probably a little boring at times, but it will be a nice bookend to my experience in DC:  Six years ago I drove from Las Vegas to DC in three days right before I began working at the firm; this time I reverse that trip, only traversing the northern tier states instead.  I remember being struck by the incredible variety of the American geography; I'm excited to see that again.

Also, this means that I'm essentially going to have a week of sitting in the car by myself.  I've got music and stuff to entertain myself, but that's a lot of free time.  If you're not working during the day (or even if you are and just want a distraction), feel free to give me a call!  As long as Verizon has a tower nearby, I'll pick up and we can discuss Americana.


Vanessa said...

Yay, you get to see Mount Rushmore!

The Atomic Mom said...

I wish I would have known you better six years ago when you went to DC, I would have loved to have you stay with us. I would have loved to have you stay with us were you in our neck of the woods. You know our door is always open! :) All the best! And glad you didn't end up in a ditch!