Sunday, August 25, 2013

Uncle Jason likes worms! (or, Proof that I'm an awesome uncle)

So here's the lunch buzz at Heather's house this week.  (And for those who haven't met these kids, Shae is 4, Jaron is 7, and Brynn is 9; Adri is a newborn.)
Shae: "Hey Mom, Rachel found a worm at the park, and she was holding it. We should have brought it home for Dad. Ya, we should have put it in a plastic bag to give him."
Brynn: "Why Shae, Dad does not fish with worms."
Jaron: "Ya Shae, and then it would die, and that would be gross."
Brynn: "Worms are good!"
Shae: "eeeewwwww!!! Worms are gross!"
Brynn: "I was talking about the fact that worms are good for the ground."
Jaron: "Na, uh! Uncle Jason likes to eat worms! He thinks worms are good! We should collect worms for Uncle Jason to eat when he comes. Remember, we saw that picture on his blog. He likes to eat worms."
Brynn: "Wait! Uncle Jason is going to be here for Shae's Birthday! No fair! Does that mean he is coming on my Birthday next year?"
 Jaron: "Ya, then he can come on my Birthday, then on Adri's Birthday"
 Shae: "Yep, I'm lucky! And Uncle Jason likes worms!"
This, my friends, is why you eat worms and tell small children about it.  Can't wait to see them all next week!


Anonymous said...

I want to see pics of you eating a worm while you are there visiting. That will prove your awesomeness for sure (or, give said small children nightmares!) Lady

PS: And lest you lose your "favorite Uncle Jason" statis; Brynn turned 9 in March and Jaron turned 7 in June, just fyi.

Ashley said...

best conversation ever!