Saturday, August 31, 2013

Layover rendez-vous

Okay, so this was awesome:  My flight from Salt Lake City to Reno went through Denver, where I had a two-hour layover.  Not enough time to leave the airport to visit Amanda, but plenty of time for her to meet me for a late lunch on the other side of the security line.
The food was a far, far cry from our preferred travel fare, but it was enough to prevent starvation and seemed reasonably free of disease (which is more than can be said of some of the food we've eaten together -- see here and here for that story). 
Quiche Lorraine
And besides, the real treat was to see Amanda.  I got to hear about the new musical her classes will be putting on and some of her recent dating exploits; I told her about work and how I want to use her apartment as my final project in the interior design class.  We didn't have quite enough time to solve all the world's problems, or even to plan our next big adventure (which, as our "Turning 35 Trip", will somehow need to top our previous adventures in Greece, Turkey, Peru, Morocco and Spain), but it was a great little visit -- and all the more pleasant for knowing that we'll see each other again in a couple of months for some theatre in New York.

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