Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday night ambition

My post on Friday was kind of a downer.  Sorry about that -- I was having a moment.  But things are better now.  MUCH better.  There's nothing quite like logging in on a Sunday morning, expecting to spend the day reviewing documents, only to see an email from the partners saying, "I think we're set; have a great day!" 

I did have a great day.  In fact, much to my surprise, I had a great weekend.  I managed to keep other looming work projects at bay long enough to spend time with Kirt on Saturday -- we did a quick 40-mile bike ride in the morning, ate German brats with sauerkraut for lunch, and had a chance to compare his life as a Navy pilot (very cool) to mine as a lawyer (I don't think "cool" is the right word...), and discuss the possibility of his moving to Japan (he doesn't want to go but I'm already planning my trip out to visit...).  After Kirt left to stay with our other cousin James, I met up with some friends for dinner, enjoyed a good night's sleep, and then had a fun pre-church yoga class.  The "no work" email came when I got back from yoga and lifted a cloud off the rest of the day.

Do you remember how, back when you were a student, Sunday nights would often be filled with the dread of the coming week?  I think of that sometimes, especially during this back-to-school season, and I realize that I haven't felt Sunday-night-dread for a long time.  In fact, usually Sunday nights are the exact opposite of depressing and dreadful.  Having had a chance to unwind, catch up on sleep, see some friends, and eat, I'm usually totally wired on Sunday nights -- full of ambition and visions of Things I'm Going To Do. 

Usually the way it works is I get all excited, stay up too late making a bunch of goals, and then wake up Monday morning with an ambition hang-over, chastising myself for having delusions of grandeur and telling myself to be happy with the simple routine that I've got.  Then the busy-ness of the workweek sets in and the whole thing repeats itself the following week. 

All that might happen again tomorrow.  Because, you see, in my relief at not having to do any more M&A due diligence, I may or may not have committed (and by "committed" I mean "paid money") for a 100-mile bike race in four weeks and a fifteen-week course in Interior Design at the Corocoran College of Art and Design.  Because, you know, I have SO MUCH FREE TIME to spend training for a bike race and taking night classes.

But regardless of how I feel tomorrow morning (or on Thursday when I'm trying to leave work in time to get to the class, or on the morning of the race, when I will have only gotten four hours of sleep due to having spent the night before at a 6-hour opera), I have to say I'm excited for this fall.  Take a look at what's coming up:
  • Intro to Interior Design (every Thursday from now through the end of the year)
  • Family vacation to Reno (Lady and Dad!) and Boise (Heather and Mark and everyone else!), with a few hours in Salt Lake City (breakfast with Peggy and Mary!) and a layover in Denver (lunch in the airport with Amanda!)
  • Weekend camping trip to Assateague Island
  • Tristan and Isolde, starring Deborah Voigt, at the Washington National Opera
  • St. Mary's Century Ride in southern Maryland
  • Weekend trip to New York to see Eugene Onegin, at the Metropolitan Opera
  • Weekend trip to New York to see Peggy perform with her Basque dance group
  • Weekend trip to New York with Amanda to see Then She Fell and as much other theater as we can see
  • Seasons tickets to the Shakespeare Theatre Company (September through next June)
  • Seasons tickets to the Ballet season at the Kennedy Center (October through next spring)
And I haven't even planned Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years!  (Not to mention the fact that, in theory, I'm going to try to buy a condo and move sometime in the near future...)

It's going to be a busy season, and I may well wish that I'd planned more down time, but it will also be exciting and fun -- and of course I'll keep you up to date on all the stories as they come.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds great. Good luck. Lady

The Atomic Mom said...

Sounds like you are pretty full up on cool there.