Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marrakesh, Day 3: Other Hat

Wearing a hat with an eye toward fashion (as opposed to simply blocking the sun or staying warm) is kind of like wearing a bow tie.  You feel some trepidation at first -- because you don't want to be the poser who can't pull it off -- but once you do pull it off, you realize that they're just plain cool.  I mean, they open up a whole new sartorial world.

I've been enjoying my new Madrid hat so much that today I decided to try out the hat I bought in DC in anticipation of this trip.  Not only does it have a feather (I've wanted to wear a hat with a feather since I was six), but the stripes solve the monochromatic problem of wearing a blue hat and a blue shirt.

Awkward self portrait

Amanda intervened to prevent more self-portraits

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Ashley said...

I think stripes are the answer to everything! I'm glad you agree.... :)