Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Granada - More than just the Alhambra?

We came to Granada to see the Alhambra, and that's what we did:  We got in first thing in the morning, visited until early afternoon, and then left after a quick lunch.  Our itinerary didn't permit a longer stay (not unless we wanted to sacrifice beach time in Barcelona), but we regretted leaving the city so quickly.  Not only was our hotel very comfortable, but the little we saw of the town was charming (and green -- so green after the desert!) and begged to be explored.  We lingered as long as we could but then had to get on the road before it got too late.  Next time, I tell myself.  Next time I'll see what other treasures Granada has in store.

We stopped for lunch at Cueva 1900.  The many legs of ham hanging overhead were a nice atmospheric touch.  The food was adequate but average.

Prosciutto on toast with tomatoes

Pork with mushroom sauce and frites

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