Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fez, Day 2: City streets

In the spirit of giving Fez a second chance, we set out on a walking tour of the Fez medina after returning from Volubilis.  We still were struck by how different it looked and felt from the souqs in Marrakesh, but the longer we walked the more it grew on me.  The whiteness of the city is lovely, and the bewilderingly chaotic energy is contagious.  Well, it's off-putting at first, because there are no street signs and it's easy to feel lost in the maze.  But once you power up the Blackberry GPS and start tracking your location to within a meter of where you're actually standing, you start to feel like you know where you're going (and like you aren't going to get lost forever). 

Apparently people have been making and selling copper and
other metal goods on this square for centuries

Each of these squares is reserved for political parties to hang
posters during elections

It's hard to see, but there were about 15 boys playing
in this fountain -- doing belly flops into 18 inches of water

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