Monday, February 13, 2012

No rest for the wicked

This was a busy weekend.  Not only did I have a six-hour opera, a modern dance concert, and a Shakespeare play, I also:
  • worked;
  • went to church;
  • hometaught two new families (both of whom are going to be a challenge -- one is a newly baptized Haitian who doesn't speak English and barely any French; the other is an inactive single mother from Bolivia who recently lost her job and now cannot pay her rent);
  • hosted a small-group dinner in my apartment for three families in the ward (which meant I was baking cakes at midnight last night after the dance concert and throwing together a glazed ham with cheesy potatoes and steamed asparagus this afternoon between the marathon hometeaching visits); and
  • did all the other cleaning and errands that have to get done on a weekend (especially if people are coming over).
And now it's 1:30am, which means I have four hours to sleep before I have to get up to go to the gym before heading to work.  Sheesh -- I'm tired already! 


Anonymous said...

Good Grief!! Lady

Ashley said...

Oh, is that all...?