Saturday, February 18, 2012

Guatemala, Day 1 - Chez les Kelly

Last time I was in Guatemala, I was backpacking on the last few dollars of my student loans.  The budget was tight and my agenda ambitious, and I stayed in some dreadful lodgings.  This time, you'd think I was in an entirely different country.  Jennifer and Mark live in a spacious condo in a swank modern high-rise with a giant living room, sitting room, three bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, a kitchen, pantry, servants quarters (!!), floor-to-ceiling windows and a wrap-around balcony.  It feels like a palace compared to my badly lit, 680 square foot, one-bedroom apartment.  Kudos to Mark for picking it out, and to Jennifer for putting it together.

View of the living/dining area from the entryway
Jennifer and Mark in the living room
Sitting room
Guest bedroom
The views around the apartment are amazing.  I'm told they're even better when the air isn't hazy and you can see the row of volcanoes marching along to the west. 

Living room balcony, to the left
Living room balcony center

Living room balcony to the right

Someday I want to live where I can grow bougainvillea


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! Love bougainvillea... How periwinkle is that, Kathryn?!! Lady

Ashley said...

Gesundheit! (bougainvillea? I tried to say it out loud and it sounded something like bug-ayn-villa... )

Anonymous said...

"bow - gan - veeya"...honestly! Lady