Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eating Blind

If I eat something fun but can't post pictures on my blog, does it count? 

Today I had brunch with a friend at Founding Farmers and dinner with another friend at Ren's Ramen -- but I have no pictures to share because my camera is enjoying an extended stay in Guatemala City.  (Oops.)

So you'll just have to believe me that the meals were tasty (especially the ramen) and pretty (especially the omelette), and that they were well worth (1) getting up at 7:30am on a Saturday morning after a late dinner party the night before, (2) getting pulled over for going the wrong way on a poorly-marked one-way street (no ticket, though), (3) eating in the dark when the power went out, and (4) driving hundreds of miles to the middle of nowhere in Maryland (proving, yet again, that all the best ethnic food in DC is out in the suburbs).

Not to worry, though.  My wandering camera has been apprehended and is wending its way home, at which time I will have plenty of pictorial updates (especially as regards a certain dark corner in my living room!). 

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Ashley said...

Yay yay yay! You found your perfect kitty cat lamp and are going to show it off!