Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boise - Family Photos

First, we went to church, where the youth speaker taught us that there are two teams in this life:  Team Hot and Team Cool, and that you couldn't be on both at the same time.  (Initially I was disappointed, since I've secretly always wanted to be on Team Hot and Cool -- then I realized he was talking about temperatures, not physical appearance and personality.)

Then we came home and took family photos.  If we're only going to get all together once every five years, we have to take advantage of the times when we do.  Plus, Ashley made the kids all matching outfits for the occasion.  

And lest you think this was a calm and not chaotic process, here's some footage:

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Ashley said...

You know how there's always one family in church that has a screaming child every week...? Yeah, that's us!