Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lima - Day 2

This is the last day of our trip and we decided to take it easy.  We slept in until 10am -- the latest we've slept on this entire trip (our more habitual rising time has been sometime between 5am and 7am).  Boy did we need that extra sleep!

We used the rest of the morning to catch up on blogging and emails and then headed out to explore more of the city.  Lima isn't a pretty city, and the weather doesn't help:  The winter weather is this constant damp greyness that would probably get pretty old after a while.  (The greyness of Belgium seems better to me, since at least there you have variation in the rain and clouds; here, it's just a uniform grey.)

It is an interesting city, though, and set dramatically on cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  And it has some pretty colonial buildings, too.

Miraflores coastline


Coast highway

Palacio de Gobierno

Plaza de Armas

After touring the city, we had time and money to spend, so we found another nice restaurant -- this time a Swiss restaurant with delicious veal and desserts (and a piano player in the corner).

Veal with potatoes and mushroom sauce

Carrot cake

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