Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boise - Chocolate Cake

Each of my parents has a favorite dessert.  Mon père loves applie pie, so Lady has developed some knock-out apple pie recipes over the years.  Lady, on the other hand, loves dark chocolate cake, so mon père has spent the past twenty years perfecting his to-die-for chocolate cake. 

And perfect it he has.  His secret formula (which includes various extracts and essences, in various proportions that require measuring down to the milliliter and/or using droppers, as well as lots of dark cocoa powder) consistently produces an ordinary-looking chocolate cake that is pretty much the best thing ever.

Many of the uninitiated have skeptically wondered what all the hype was about (claiming, of course, that their mother/grandmother/wife/favorite restaurant makes a mean chocolate cake), until they taste it.  No one's ever tasted it without asking for the recipe; no one's ever asked for the recipe and gotten it.  It took years before we children got the recipe, and even longer for the in-laws to be let in on the secret. 

Not surprisingly, when my family gets together, there is very high demand for chocolate cake.  And we usually go through at least one a day.  Here we are on Day #2, with Cake #2.  Yummm.


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Ashley said...

I have created yet another version of the cake that I thought was rather delish... so let me know if you're up for an adventure!