Sunday, September 1, 2013

Convalescent Lady

When I got to my parents' place yesterday, I was surprised to see how well Lady was doing.  Despite having had her knee bones sawed off and metal bits stuck in just a few days ago, she looked cheerful and well-coiffed.  She had her convalescent station set up on a futon in the family room but was by no means bed-ridden.  With the aid of crutches, she could get up and carefully move about the house (including up and down the stairs!) with significant independence.  Talk about a pioneer woman!
Nothing like Saltines, a Cherry Pepsi and a max dose of Percocet, right?
When I commented on how good she looked, the conversation went something like this:
Me:  Wow, Mom, you look great!  I thought you'd be completely laid up and very ill.
Dad:  Ha!, well, you should have seen her a couple days ago!  I mean, she looked like her mother.
Me: [alarmed, trying to be diplomatic]  Um . . .
Lady: [nodding earnestly]  Oh, yes, it was bad. Very bad.
Lady & Dad:  [laughing hysterically together]

Proving, once again, the power of a well-chosen movie reference.  Gosh I love my parents.


The Atomic Mom said...

Glad your mom is doing well. My mom has had both of her knees and one hip redone. Bionic women!

Mary said...

Love that movie! "Bring it on."