Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The great thing about DC snowstorms is that they generate ENORMOUS hype and anxiety, and only very rarely live up to it -- which means I get to enjoy all the drama of a weather emergency without the inconvenience of the real thing.

For example, today:  DC is supposed to get socked by the last big snowstorm of the season; they're forecasting between 4 and 8 inches of snow throughout the day (don't laugh).  Because this is equivalent to THE END OF THE WORLD, the federal government has shut down, schools are closed, and everyone and their dog is in the grocery store buying 300 rolls of toilet paper and frozen pizza. 

I was supposed to go to Philadelphia today for all-day meetings with a client, but those plans have changed in favor of a remote teleconference -- which means that, instead of catching the train at the crack of dawn and sitting in a conference room all day with terrible food, I got to sleep in (till 5:30am!), go to the gym, and am now curled up in yoga pants and a t-shirt on the couch drafting stock purchase agreements until it's time to join the teleconference. 

Meanwhile, it's snowing.  Not enough to warrant the panic, but enough to make me feel very cosy and happy right now. 


Anonymous said...

We heard about your weather forcast all weekend on the weather channel. We were smiling to each other, tee-hee. Good thing these people don't live where they REALLY get weather. Congrats on another "snow day" for you! Lady

chitarita said...

Four inches. (Shakes head, chuckling) Wimps.