Thursday, March 21, 2013


My decorating has gotten more adventurous and ecclectic over the years.  I think it's the cumulative influence of the myriad colors, textures and forms that I've encountered through international travel, in art museums and design magazines, and in the personal styles of friends and family. 

For example, butterflies.  They're my latest obsession.  I'd never thought to decorate with them before -- the idea of having dead bugs on my wall always seemed a little creepy.  But then Amanda showed me a shop in Denver that had a wall full of mounted butterflies, and I loved the gorgeous colors and patterns of their wings.  So I bought one and put it in my bathroom next to my Moroccan pottery and Dutch porcelain.

I loved it.  I wanted more.

So I've appointed Amanda to be my official purveyor of butterflies.  This job consists of bringing me butterflies whenever she comes to visit me.  The only stipulations are that the wings must be pretty and the frame must be black.  The first installment came last weekend with Amanda's spring break visit.  Two lovely new additions to my collection!

No butterfly on the top shelf; just an air plant
Urania (Peru)
Morpho didius (Peru)
Ganyra phaloe (Peru)

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! Love the towels... Lady