Saturday, March 23, 2013

A lesson for salesmen


Salesman:  [Ignoring me while rearranging stacks of shirts]

Me:  Hi, I want to buy a tuxedo.  Looking for a slim fit in a 34" jacket.

Salesman:  [Without even looking up from his shirts.]  The smallest jacket I have is a 38".
Total sale:  $0 

Me:  I'm looking for a tux.

Salesman:  Trendy?

Me:  Yes -- slim fit, 34" jacket.

Salesman:  We don't carry 34" jackets.  Try on this 36" -- See?  Now we can do a bunch of alterations and it'll look roughly like this. [scrunching up the back]  You'll look great.
Total sale:  $0

Me:  I want to buy a tuxedo.  I need a 34" jacket.

Salesman:  Really?  I'm sure a 36" jacket would look just fine on you -- here, just try it on.

Me:  Okay, but I'm serious:  I want a 34" jacket.

Salesman:  Well, I think the 36" looks fine, but since you insist, go ahead and try on this 34" jacket.  It's not a tux (we don't have any 34" tuxes), but at least we'll . . . HOLY COW!!  That looks AMAZING!  That's off the rack and it fits you PERFECTLY -- I can't believe it. 

Chorus of other salesmen:  Wooaahh.

Tailor:  You look gorgeous.

Me:  [Letting that "I told you so" moment sink in]

Salesman:  I'm calling Germany to see if they will make you a 34" tuxedo.  In the meantime, here's every other 34" jacket in the store, and a bunch of shirts; this tie would look awesome; oh, and have you ever worn a pocket square?
Total sale:  Amount withheld to protect the guilty. 

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Anonymous said...

Happy day for you. I'm sure I need to see a picture of the fabulous tie(s). Lady