Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prove me wrong

Boy have I enjoyed the last three days!  Since getting back from New York on Friday night, I have:
  • Eaten barbecue and Japanese with friends (at different restaurants, on different nights)
  • Gone to ballet, Crossfit, spin and yoga classes, plus one weight-training session with my trainer
  • Attended church, taught Primary kids how to sing in a round, and completed tithing settlement with the Bishop
  • Paid my rent and utility bills
  • Finally managed to get UPS to deliver my bicycle at a time when I was home to sign for it
  • Gotten a haircut
  • Cleaned my apartment and bought fresh flowers for the bathroom
  • Purchased healthy groceries and eaten a balanced diet
  • Given up reading the newspaper because everytime I do I end up bawling about what happened in Connecticut
  • Gotten caught up on missed episodes of my favorite TV shows
  • Slept for more than 4 hours in a row
  • Bought plane tickets to Colorado and Utah for Christmas, and planned fun things to do in Denver with Amanda and in Salt Lake with college/mission friends
  • Gone to two Christmas parties and, sadly, missed a third
  • Spent Sunday afternoon and all day today working to catch up on all my other projects that got sidelined during the past two weeks
  • Opened two pre-Christmas presents from my parents (Thank you!)
  • Caught black lung disease and/or a cold 
But we aren't out of the woods yet, my friends.  Although it has been radio silence from our client since Friday, the LA Times ran a story today indicating that things had progressed.  And then this evening I got a message from the partner on the deal:  Pack a bag and be ready to go to New York tomorrow.   

It isn't certain yet that we'll need to go, but it's possible that by this time tomorrow night we'll be sitting once more in the DPW conference room.  I'm not thrilled, but part of me says better now than this weekend or next week, when I want to be on vacation with friends and family!  Let's get 'er done!

My response to the partner:  Okay, but I'm packing for the train, not the plane. 

Because whatever happens, I have no intention of getting stuck in the position I was in during the first trip, with not enough clothes, crappy toiletries, no running clothes or music, or even fingernail clippers.  So I'm packing enough clothes, accessories and deices to get me through the end of the week and beyond -- not because I want to be stuck in negotiations over Christmas, but because I may not have time to go home and repack before flying out to Denver and Utah.

And, dammit, if the client or the other lawyers give me grief for overpacking, I already know what I'm going to say:  Prove me wrong!

This isn't even all of it

The trick, this time, is to avoid repeating the ties I wore during the first trip. 
I think I should be able to do it. 
The bow-ties will be fun to throw into the mix, especially after the
fratty guys made fun of the other side's lawyer
 for wearing a cardigan that I thought was awesome.

I could get so much more in here if I wanted to . . .


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