Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Denver - Christmas Day

I awoke with a start in the wee hours of the morning -- I had forgotten that there was a videoconference scheduled in my bedroom for exactly that time, and if I didn't hurry, I would be caught sleeping in bed when everyone else dialed in to resume negotiations.  I scrambled out into the living room and sat down on a sofa, wondering how long the call would last before I could go back to bed. 

Then I realized that it was absurd for there to be a conference call at 3:00am on Christmas Day in Amanda's guest room.  So I went back to bed.

Then at 7:00am I awoke with a start and opened my laptop to start working on an issues list for the contracts that we would be negotiating today.  I figured it was a crappy way to start one's Christmas, by working, but at least this way I might be done by the time Amanda woke up.  Funny thing, though, how the email chain that I'd received during the night instructing me to create the issues list didn't seem to be in my inbox anymore.

That's because I'd dreamt it.  So I went back to bed.  Again.  And resolved that, regardless of any assignments (real or imagined) that I might receive today, I simply wasn't going to work on them.

Because it was Christmas! 

After my second work misfire, I couldn't fall asleep agin -- and since it was a glorious, sunny day with pristine new-fallen snow everywhere, I decided to get up.  I lit a fire in the living room and settled down on the sofa with my copy of Les Miserables.  At 530 pages into the first volume, Jean Valjean was finally on the verge of rescuing Cosette from the Thenardiers. 

Eventually Amanda got up and surprised me with a stocking full of wonderful little goodies that "Santa" had left the night before.  Then we made breakfast.  Amanda made quiche with spinach, bacon and cheddar cheese . . .


while I made some of Lady's French toast . . .


all of which was delicious.


By the time we had cleaned up breakfast, it was time for today's main event:  Les Miserables!

Despite my not having finished the book, the movie opened today in theaters, and we had tickets to see it this afternoon.  We waited in line, jostled with folks who didn't understand the concepts of lines, and ended up with excellent seats in the giant auditorium. 

The movie was essentially the Broadway musical, but with a few cuts here and some expansions there.  It was inevitably over-the-top and grandiose, but it's a story that calls for nothing less -- and it was thrilling to see what the movie form could do that the stage version couldn't.  By and large the actors (with the exception of Russell Crowe) were strong singers and well cast, and the storytelling swift and effective.  I missed the depth of the novel (though not the hundreds of pages spent on irrelevant side notes), but the tale was still powerful enough to render me an emotional wreck from the time Jean Valjean sang "Bring Him Home" until the end.

Now we're back at home, winding down the day.  I fly out to Utah tomorrow for the next leg of holiday visits, so in a minute I will need to go pack my bags.  It has been a quick trip, but very pleasant and much appreciated.  Merry Christmas!


Got the World on a Ping said...

I saw Les Mis on Christmas, too - loved it! Merry happy, JJd!

Anonymous said...

The french toast looks perfect! Lady