Thursday, December 6, 2012

And another

Let's see, I think the hours were 6am until about 1:15am.  I can't wait to tally my billables this week; I'm confident I'll easily break my current record of 86 hours worked in a week.

Today was better than yesterday, in the sense that we were super busy all day -- no sense of twiddling my thumbs.  It was also harder because of the cumulative fatigue.  The whole day was an exercise in not curling up to take a nap on the floor. 

The weird thing is that the business team of the client seems (for the most part) to be loving this.  Think slumber party on steroids -- like, $7 billion worth of steroids.

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Anonymous said...

I hope everyone survives this. And, I hope you get a few days off when you get back home just to sleep if nothing else! Lady