Friday, November 16, 2012

Portraits on a Friday night

It has been a long week.  It's technically over and I'm supposed to be on vacation -- I fly to Las Vegas tomorrow for a week with the padres and Thanksgiving -- but the partners I'm working for haven't batted an eye at my vacation plans and I'll probably spend much of the week working.  Fortunately I have friends who sometimes need a "plus one" for fun events that can boost an otherwise gloomy Friday night. 

Tonight I went with Jennifer to the opening reception for a new art show at the National Portrait GalleryThe show focuses on the work of six artists whose work, according to the brochure, "expand the narrow boundaries that once defined drawing and portraiture."  I admit I went in with relatively low expectations -- drawing is an often underwhelming art form -- but I came away impressed.  The work of Rob Matthews was particularly touching.  He draws tiny, delicate portraits of friends and family holding things that are important to them.  They're lovely and feel very personal.  Also, he was at the reception -- so Jennifer and I ended up chatting with him for a long time at the end of the night.  It was fun and made his work seem even more personal.

It's apparently becoming my go-to bow tie for art gallery receptions.
The museum has an awesome enclosed courtyard.

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