Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Election day today!  After three-and-a-half hours standing in line outside in the cold (temps in the mid-30s), I'm happy to report that I have fulfilled my civic responsibility and participated in this democratic experiment.  I missed a half-day of work, but with Virginia being a key battle-ground state, I think it was well worth it -- every vote here counts.  Now we wait to see how it all shakes out.

View of the line after one hour of waiting
The blessing of voting at a public library:  They entertain you with carts of books.
News coverage (I think she was reporting in Arabic)
At long last!
I would have had to wait for another 20 minutes or so for an electronic booth or a paper booth
with a privacy screen, but then the lady said I could just fill out a paper ballot against the wall without a
privacy screen.  Praised be!


Anonymous said...

Pas de vote à bulletin secret? Cela devrait être un motif de nullité! C'est étonnant... Bravo pour ta persévérance en tout cas. Tu aurais du emmener Hugo dans ta poche :-)

JJD said...

En effet, je l’avais avec moi! Bien évidemment, les thèmes du roman ont pris une signification d’autant plus politique que je les contemplais dans un tel contexte. Je suppose que Monsieur H aurait été très content de moi. (D’ailleurs, un candidat au Congrès était là pour motiver ces soutenants, et il a remarqué mon bouquin en disant que j’étais un “citoyen intelligent”.)

chitarita said...

Early voting by mail, what, what!
(Gansta talk doesn't really translate to written form well, does it? After all, it lacks the "raise the roof" arm gestures, which we all know are essential to properly "whoop.")

I may have missed out on musing on the parallels between my current reading and the elections, but I think Hugo is better suited for your environment than my novel about medical treatments in Ethiopia. I thus hope you left humming "Red, the blood of angry men!"

Then again, unless you're more than 300 pages in, you're only in the first verse of "Look Down!" still.

Ashley said...

I guess there's one advantage of living in Rural-ville, USA... my 3 1/2 minutes in the village municipal building seems like a dream! Great for sticking it out! I'd love to think that my vote is important, but living in NY, it's an automatic assumption it'll go to the Dems.