Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Las Vegas - Holsteins

Last night's Lotus of Siam wasn't the only restaurant Tim suggested I visit here in Las Vegas.  Next on the list was Holsteins -- we tried it tonight. 

Holsteins is a burger joint in the swanky Cosmopolitan hotel/casino complex, and they have crazy good hamburgers.  I ordered their Rising Sun burger (you can't not order a menu item that appears in every rave review about the restaurant) and I was impressed.  It's the first time a hamburger has made me say "wow" after the first bite.  The vanilla milkshake was also top notch.  Needless to say, we came away stuffed and happy.

The Rising Sun Burger:  Kobe beef, teriyaki glaze, nori furikake,
crispy yam, spicy mayo & tempura avocado

Vanilla milkshake


Anonymous said...

The burger was Japanese. No wonder you liked it ;-)

Anonymous said...

I second the above comments on deliciousness! Lady