Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Adding to my success with late-summer blooms, I'm delighted to see that my jasmine plant has blossomed again. 

The plant had blossomed once earlier in the summer, but I was in Morocco and so was unable to enjoy the flowers and their scent.  I was afraid I'd missed my chance  -- but no!  There are a handful of buds in development, so I'm hopeful to have a steady string of blossoms for the next week or so.

The flowers are incredibly short-lived -- they fall after only 24 hours -- but they stay lovely for a few more days after falling, so I bring them inside and breathe in that intoxicating fragrance for as long as it lasts.  With the possible exception of gardenias, there's nothing better than fresh jasmine on a warm summer's night.

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Anonymous said...

This IS good news! Lady