Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy (very early) birthday to me

Two weeks ago Lady called and said she'd sent me a box for my birthday (which isn't until November).  Days passed and no package arrived.  Then I got a nastygram from the front dest of my building demanding that I come pick up the package that had been there for, like, ever.  (Far be it from them to actually tell me that said package had arrived!) 

I had expected something little, but it turned out to be kind of enormous. 

With a box this big taking up valuable real estate in my living room (I half expected Occupiers to start living in it), I was relieved when Lady called to say that I could open the box any time.  Anytime I felt like it.  No need to wait until November.  If SHE were to get a box like that, SHE wouldn't wait.  Whenever I felt like it.  ANYTIME.  :) 

So I waited no longer. 

Yay!  Like any red-blooded American boy,
I've wanted a white soup tureen for ages.

Which means it's time to start planning soup parties . . . .

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Anonymous said...

You're right. I wouldn't have waited! Lady (and Dibber) Happy Birthday! and Happy soup parties!