Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas morning and Star Wars and Christmas Eve dinner (in that order)

Christmas Eve dawned grey and chilly, and we went downstairs to get a head start on celebrating Christmas itself with a leisurely, hours-long gift exchange (how can you tell none of us has kids?).

We started with the stockings, which I (on behalf of Santa) had filled with travel-related goodies.

A sleeping mask and earplugs for during the flight, eye drops and altoids to freshen up at the end,
and a water-proof smartphone case to facilitate excursions into nature.
Ready for a nap!

Then we divvied up the packages under the tree . . .

I'm not a frequent user of mugs, but this one picks up on an
inside joke regarding this parody
Justin got a few great books from Amanda.
I gave Amanda a selfie-stick, in homage to the hordes of Chinese tourists we saw last summer.
This was the inaugural selfie!
By the time we had worked our way through the stack of gifts, we were literally starving and on the verge of losing our Christmas cheer.  So we went down and had the vegetarian hippies feed us brunch.  Yum.

Once filled with quinoa and tofu, we left the warmth of the Christmas living room and went in search of Star Wars.

Second selfie of the day!
The movie was a success and we came away cheering for the new heroes and speculating what will happen to them over the course of the next two movies.  After that, Justin headed out to Bainbridge for Christmas Eve dinner with his family, and Amanda and I went back to my place for our own holiday meal.

Potatoes, raclette cheese, zucchini, squash, little smokies and, of course, cornichons.

We waited up talking about all sorts of things until Justin had returned from Bainbridge.  Then we turned in for the night, looking for our next official Christmas day.