Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh, nature

Here's what today's post should have said:
Lady's here!  We have tickets to the PNB's new production of The Nutcracker on Sunday, so she took the train up a few days early to play in Seattle.  I picked her up a little after 8pm, we had a tasty dinner of Beecher's mac&cheese, and then headed off to bed.
Here's what actually happened today:
  • I woke up to news reports that all train service had been suspended between Portland and Seattle due to flooding.
  • I cleared my work calendar and drove to Portland to pick Lady up from the train station.  We ate a delicious dinner of organic, locally sourced, hipster food and then got back on the road...
  • Only to discover that Northbound I-5 has been closed due to mudslides, and all surface roads totally blocked by semis, wrecks, and just plain congestion. 
  • After filling up at a gas station that was already running out of gas, we made it back to Portland and the comfort of the local Marriott.  We turned on the news and powered up the Internet in hopes of finding a way home.  We learned not only that I-5 will likely be closed until tomorrow night, but also that our best alternate route (along the coast) also is closed due to mudslides.
  • Which means that our only hope of getting home is to drive to the eastern (aka dry) side of the state and come in to Seattle over the Cascades through Snoqualmie Pass.  Only problem there is that another storm hits tomorrow, which means 100% chance of snow in the pass.  Fingers crossed we make it through the pass before they close it for snow and/or require snow tires! 
  • Oh, and I also have a full day of meetings tomorrow at work that I'm supposed to attend?  Once we get on the road tomorrow, I'll be calling in to the ones I can't reschedule and bailing on all the others.
Sheesh!  This is the sort of adventure I'm used to having in other lands (say, in trying to get from Fez, Morocco, to Granada, Spain, in a single day), but not in the US...  Crazy!



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Lady said...

Of course, the reality of this situation was that it was a very fluid plan (no pun intended) and was changed by the next morning. It was an adventure, to be sure!