Friday, June 21, 2013

JJDSFT Challenge #2: Moustaches and/or the (possibly) future Miss Vietnam

Challenge: Fashion 2 homemade moustaches out of any kind of paper and find a native who will wear one, you wear one and them take a picture. Go.

Response:  Okay, so we didn't follow all the instructions exactly as written.  These are finger moustaches and not paper moustaches (unless fingers fall within the definition of "any kind of paper"). 


BUT we still totally crushed this challenge because what Peggy didn't know is that the challenge she should have given us was, "Find a contestant in the upcoming Miss Vietnam pageant and take a 'model pose' photo with her on a rustic floating bridge." 


With bonus points for a video of her practicing her pitch for TV viewers to vote for her (sorry for the sideways video).

Not only that, but we also have video of her singing the song she's doing for the talent portion.  Because a beauty pageant contestant is a source of endless entertainment.  But the video's on Vanessa's camera right now, and she's sleeping.  So that'll have to come later.

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How fun! Lady