Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hoi An - Relaxing on the beach? Check.

I don't really do "sit on the beach and relax" vacations.  To date my maximum has been about four days, after which I went crazy and had to run up a mountain.  You know, to accomplish something.  So it's kind of perfect that I'm traveling with Vanessa, who has an equally low tolerance for so-called "relaxation" (and a sun allergy that reinforces her natural predisposition).

But that's not to say that we don't like beaches!  Especially not when they're pristine, white-sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see under a clear blue sky. 

That?  We're all over that. 

See?  This is us relaxing on the beach.
For two whole hours (maybe even a little more!) this afternoon we relaxed on the beach.  We rented chairs under an umbrella (though, to the chagrin of the OCD beach ladies, my chair did not stay under said umbrella), we bobbed in the waves, we read books and got tans.  The sun was hot, the breeze refreshing, and the water only slightly cooler than you might want in your bathtub.  It was glorious.

By the time the sun dipped behind some clouds and a bunch of families and noisy teenagers showed up, we looked at each other and confirmed that we'd each gotten our fix -- time for the next thing! 

Which turned out to be sitting in our hotel as refugees from a massive downpour and thunderstorm (remember those clouds?) that hit right as we were getting back.  Super inconvenient for dinner plans (I'm about to gnaw off my arms and legs), but a blessing for catching up on blogging.

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It looks divine! Lady