Saturday, May 25, 2013


Okay, so the question on everyone's mind since Saturday is, Where has polo been all my life?  Seriously.  It's like all of the best things about a football game (fun ambiance, good friends, outdoors), only there are horses instead of football, people wear blazers with pocket squares instead of fan jerseys, and the foodstand sells fine Italian sausage instead of hotdogs; nobody pays any attention to what's going on with the game because they're all too busy socializing, and crystal glasses packed into a picnic basket seem totally normal.  What's not to love?

I discovered this treasure (or, rather, had it introduced to me) on Saturday when Jennifer and two of her friends invited me out to the "Twilight Polo" match at Great Meadow Polo Club in Middleburg, VA.  Yes, our picnic was awesome.  Yes, we had crystal wine glasses (the girls were thoughtful enough to bring a Coke for me).   And yes, we were complimented more than once on how well we'd captured the sartorial theme of the evening, "Preppy and Pretty in Pink" (in fact, the local glossy magazine even wanted a photo for it's write-up on the event).

I may not have been rocking the pink,
but I still nailed the preppy look with my yellow pants, that sweater, and a navy blazer.

Who's up for making Twilight Polo a summer tradition?

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Anonymous said...

The best drunk fans spilling their beer on you in the stands? Bet the smells are different too... How fun! Lady