Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day - Cycling, sailing, custard, crabs

Memorial Day was a full day of outdoor fun.  Mark, a friend from church, invited a bunch of people down to his parents' house on the water at Breton Bay, a tributary of the Potomac River near where it feeds into the Chesapeake Bay.  It was a multi-stage affair:  A group of guys (and one girl) biked from Arlington, VA to Leonardtown, MD -- a total distance of about 75 miles -- and met up with all of the non-cyclists at the house.  We spent the rest of the afternoon barbecuing and chatting on the back porch, playing in the water, and spinning around the bay on the motorboat, jet ski, and sailboat.  As dusk fell, we gathered back at the house for a dinner of Maryland crabs and more barbecue.  With approximately 25 adults and a bunch of kids, it was a lively and fun party.  Pretty much a perfect way to spend Memorial Day.
I was actually surprised at how well it all worked out.  I wasn't sure that I'd be able to pull off another long bike ride only two days after the 100-miler I rode on Saturday, but it went fine.  Thankfully these guys weren't nearly as intense as the crazy triathletes I normally ride with -- my legs were sore and creaky, and I was super grateful for the mellower pace!  And as for the logistics of getting myself home from a one-way bike ride, I invited Amy to join the party, so she drove my car down with our food contributions, a change of clothes, and my bike rack for the return trip home.
Oh, and remember those Mexican chocolate pots de creme that I made in the middle of the night on Saturday?  They were a huge hit.  I gave the first one to the hostess, who proclaimed them divine and then started telling everyone else that their lives would not be complete until they'd had one.  So maybe that midnight cooking was worth it after all.
The crack of dawn

The core cycling team. 
Yes, the guy on the far right is wearing a jersey covered in the American flag and the text of the U.S. Constitution.

We had to stop at Mark Sr's favorite frozen custard place. 
Not my typical mid-ride snack, but it's hard to argue with a place that sells happiness.

I ended up clocking 78 miles on this ride.  Would have been
closer to 75 miles, but I got separated from the group at the end and took a few
wrong turns that added extra miles.

They had a motor boat, a jet ski, and a sea-worthy racing sailboat.  The wind was minimal, but they took us
out for a spin on the sailboat anyway. 

My first time sailing!  It's amazingly quiet and smooth.  Very neat to see such ancient technology at work.
Next time I want to wear boat shoes.

Folding the sail.  Kind of like folding a giant American flag, only triangular and made of kevlar fabric.

Well, not for me.  Crabs are the quintessential summer treat in Maryland, but the whole process of smashing apart that
spidery-looking body to get at a few clumps of meat inside is revolting to me.  I opted for the BBQ chicken.

See what I mean?  If it can be brandished by friends screaming "It's gonna get you!", it doesn't belong on your plate.


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Anonymous said...

Ah, what a great day! I've only been sailing twice, once on a lake and the other time out in the ocean. Sailing is heavenly (on a lake! The ocean made me ill, all that up and down on the waves.) And I agree with you on the crab... Lady